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Skip the spoon-full of sugar and go directly to the syrup. This a basic recipe that anyone can master and use for all sorts of things like: cocktails, coffee, lemonade, ice tea… did I mention coffee? I was totally inspired to make some of this syrup when my boyfriend, Jonathan and I went to a […]

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As I’m one day away from indulging a little too much on my cruise, I thought I would share my favorite smoothie recipe that I’m enjoying right now! This will definitely be my go to once I get back and I’m trying to get back to normal person eating. There is always WAY too much […]

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Simply that, pineapple slush! Like I’ve said many times before, I LOVE icy cold drinks the second the sun comes out. I recently bought a Ninja Blender to mix up some drinks at home and save money. This Pineapple Slush drink is the perfect treat on any hot day. I love the sweet taste of […]

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I purchased this iced coffee maker from Starbucks. Take a peek at how it worked out for my house!

I must say, coffee is one of my most favorite things in the world! Especially during the summer, I love a ice cold caffeinated drink and probably spend a small fortune for them. I got a email from Starbucks (don’t be surprised that I’m on their mailing list!) about this iced coffee brewer with a […]

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