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Back to school is probably one of my favorite times of the year. It’s crazy busy and can be, at times, very stressful, but you have a renewed energy after the summer break. I look forward to getting all the things together for my new students #targettrip, meeting them at the door for the first […]

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The end of the year can be the busiest time of the year but also the best time. Most teachers are finally to the point where they can lax a little on the standards, are beginning to wrap up on testing (lucky us) and the grading period (oh my!). With all this, we finally have […]

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Yes, I said it… S’more pops. Summer is RIGHT around the corner and one of my absolute favorite things is S’mores around a campfire. We can’t always get away to a campground so this is the perfect and quick way to enjoy that memory without the firewood and matches. Ready for summer treats? Pin it […]

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Nutella has become a staple in our house. Knowing I had that on hand, I wanted to mix up a extra tasty batch of brownies with it. I was heading to a get together so I knew this would be a great mix of chocolate and hazelnut in square flaky brownie bites. Want a tasty […]

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This morning Jonathan and I decided we needed to start a new tradition and it revolved completely around this breakfast casserole. You know it’s a keeper if we keep making noises with each bite and we talk about making this with our future kids! Looking to start a new tradition? Pin it to save! The […]

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