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With the leaves beginning to change and the air starting to become more crisper, I thought it would be the perfect time to try a new fall themed recipe. Something that I could eat with my morning coffee or a simple snack for my afternoon break. In the past, I’ve made similar cheesecake filled muffin […]

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Are you exhausted thinking of different things to make in the morning and usually skip out on breakfast to begin with? Are you looking for things that are quick, easy, and can simply be made ahead of time to save you time? Meals that can either be consumed sitting down with your family or taken […]

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Sunday mornings can go one of two ways in my eyes: productive or lazy. This particular morning, Jonathan and I decided to get up early and make it a productive day. I decided to start my day in the kitchen with a few ingredients we had on hand: Breakfast Sausage, Eggs, Spinach and Sweet Peppers. […]

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This combination of flavors is a perfect way to celebrate the fall season or even the ending of it. Use fresh ingredients, you can really tell the difference! When I originally made this recipe, I used the pumpkin “guts” after carving and pureed them with a tablespoon of sugar. You can easily use what you […]

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This morning Jonathan and I decided we needed to start a new tradition and it revolved completely around this breakfast casserole. You know it’s a keeper if we keep making noises with each bite and we talk about making this with our future kids! Looking to start a new tradition? Pin it to save! The […]

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These pumpkin pancakes will create the perfect fall breakfast!

Good morning! I’m in love with fall, like seriously in love, but more in love with these pumpkin pancakes. I love all the colors, the layers you can finally wear and of course the pumpkin infatuation! Last week, Jonathan and I went to brunch at our favorite diners and they were serving delicious pumpkin pancakes. […]

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