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As an entrepreneur or small business owner, money is always on the mind. When we aren’t celebrating a new project, we are plotting and marketing ways to bring in more revenue. So it’s not shocking that “how to increase online sales” is a commonly Googled question! If you have an ecommerce store on your website, […]

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So, you’ve been thinking about adding ecommerce to your WordPress website. 🤔 But you have a lot of questions, like exactly how much is this going to cost and how difficult is it set up? Setting up WooCommerce with WordPress is probably not as scary as it sounds. In fact, you can begin uploading products […]

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Want to hire a web designer for WordPress? Read the blog to learn about the process of working with me!

When hiring someone to tackle a big project in your business, it can feel a bit like a “trust fall”.  😨 As a web designer for WordPress, my clients are making a big investment – and they want to see a beautiful end product to show for it. Luckily, I always deliver on my promises […]

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As a WordPress designer, I am always preaching to my clients about having a mobile friendly website. After all, think about how many websites you look at on your phone (which means your potential clients are doing the same). Now think about the websites you’ve visited that seemed impossible to navigate on your phone… The […]

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Sometimes you’ll need to add a admin to your WordPress so they can gain access and do needed tasks for you. Great news – it’s easy peasy and only takes a few minutes to complete. Ready to add an admin to your WordPress? Pin it to Save! Sign onto your WordPress website, on the dashboard […]

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