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I don’t know about you, but I love seeing how people start their workday. You can always learn something from someone, even it’s a tiny tip! Over the years, I’ve worked really hard on creating a system or order of events that works best for to start my workday. This helps me setup for success […]

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Hello fellow, Teacherpreneurs! I’m back again to share more about making your Teachers Pay Teachers shop the best it can be. In today’s lessons, I will be going a little deeper into your quotebox space and how to turn that singular image we created here into a mini slideshow of multiple images to display all […]

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In a million years, I would have never thought I would be an entrepreneur. It’s still something I’m trying to grasp as I go into my 5th year as a blogger and 3rd year as a web designer. I actually always told myself I could never be a freelancer because it wasn’t in my abilities to […]

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Calling all Teacherpreneurs! I’m excited to share the start of a new series here at Laugh Eat Learn all about making your Teachers Pay Teachers shop the best it can be! First up is that quotebox space; the ideal space for branding and/or promotion for your best selling products. If you have one already installed, […]

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