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Why You Need CEO Days as a Teacherpreneur


A woman sitting on the floor at a computer completing her CEO day

Being a teacherpreneur is a mixed bag. On one hand, there is no better feeling than finally uploading a project (that was a labor of love…and maybe some tears 😅). On the other hand, your to-do list is endless. From marketing to making products, your small business definitely keeps you busy. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to implement CEO Days so you can give your business the attention it deserves.

A pin that says CEO Days: what are they and how they benefit you as a teacherpreneur

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What is a CEO Day?

A CEO Day is a specific day where you focus on those behind-the-scenes tasks that can help move the needle forward in your business. A lot of times, these are the tasks that need the most attention, but they get pushed to the side (because life is busy!).

This could be updating product descriptions, planning your content calendar, or working on collaborations with other teacherpreneurs.

What to Do During a CEO Day?

Let’s talk about how you can make the most of your CEO Day so you can chip away at your to-do list and make strides in your business.

#1 Look at Your Data

A task that is often left out (okay, maybe I’m just calling myself out here) is data. During your CEO Day, collect data on your email marketing, blog and website performance, social media, TPT, and other relevant platforms.

Not only does this tell you what is working in your business, but it can also help you with additional tasks during your CEO Day. Maybe you were going to spend time on Instagram posts, but you notice IG isn’t benefiting your business right now – so you focus elsewhere.

A GIF that says "analytics"

#2 Brain Dump and Organize

I don’t know about you, but as a business owner, I often have 10 million tasks swirling around in my head at all times. 😵 Set a timer for 5 minutes and jot down every single task that comes to mind – big and small. Then, sort the tasks. You can sort by length of time, whether or not you will need help, or by priority.

Need help knocking out some items in your brain dump? When you book a To-Do List in a Day, I’m your personal assistant for the day. 🙌 I’ll tackle some business tasks for you so you can focus where you are needed the most.

#3 Get Clear on Your Goals

When was the last time you did some goal-setting? A CEO Day is the perfect time to reevaluate past goals and set new goals for yourself. Personally, I like to set quarterly goals and then break them down into action steps over the three months. 

A GIF saying "be the goal, do the goal, become the goal"

#4 Determine Where You Need Help

As you work through your CEO Day, you’ll likely stumble on tasks you want help with. Maybe you don’t know how to complete the task, or it’s not worth your time. Either way, a CEO Day is a good time to plan the items you want to hire for, so you can determine your budget and begin searching for someone to do the work.

If I can throw my hat in the ring, I’d love to help with your business tasks! 🤠 With my Done in a Day services, I can help you tackle items like website shop set-ups, branding, sales pages, templates, website pages, email migration, and more! Learn more about my Done in a Day services.

CEO Days have become my new business bestie. Seriously, without it, I wouldn’t be able to make strides in my business. Find a frequency that works for you – whether once a week or once a month – and write it on your calendar. Make time for it!

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alexis porter

I’m a cuban and puerto rican, living in Seattle, Washington with my husband and pup. I absolutely love working with fellow solopreneurs and online business owners who want their websites to stand out and shine online. ✨

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