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Wow, what a year 2015 has been! In my personal life, a few amazing things happen: I moved in with Jonathan, made a huge switch from full time to part time, ventured out to meet my blogging besties in Vegas at the TPT Conference, completed my first year of grad school, and began a new […]

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Today I’m sharing 14 topics of things that happen with me in 2014 as well as changes and inspiration for Laugh Eat Learn this year! Let’s get started! One Little Word Balance: The struggle is real when it comes to the balancing act. I’ve tried really hard the last couple of months to focus on […]

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Happy New Year! I’m only 5 days late to saying that. I have had the best holiday break, slightly busy but overall just want the doctor ordered. My house is finally clean clean, my classroom is cleaned, copies and plans are made and my brain is refreshed! Not only did I have so much fun […]

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