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Laugh Eat Learn: Best of 2014

Best of LEL

Today I’m sharing 14 topics of things that happen with me in 2014 as well as changes and inspiration for Laugh Eat Learn this year! Let’s get started!

One Little Word

Balance: The struggle is real when it comes to the balancing act. I’ve tried really hard the last couple of months to focus on just that. The balance between getting home and still having a ton of work to do, or the trade off between doing something fun with my friends or staying home to work on just that, work. I have made a good effort so far but want to continue to work with this simple word!

2015 Goal

Eating Healthy: Along with the balancing act, my 2015 goal is to eat healthier! Eat out less and cook in more. Instead of eating frozen foods and quick easy meals, take in fresh salads to work. Overall, be conscious of what I’m eating! 

A photo posted by Alexis (@laugheatlearn) on

Favorite Memory

Cooking with My Grandma: This last summer I spent some time with my Little Grandma (We call her Little Grandma because she is so petite and small!) and we did some cooking together. My grandma is an amazing home cook who makes traditional cuban dishes. I was lucky enough to cook, take notes and capture these amazing recipes!

Favorite Photo

Celebrating: I absolutely love this photo of a photo. This was taken at an engagement party of my boyfriend’s really good friends. I think sometimes I forget how amazing film photography is! Hmmm, maybe another goal is to get my darkroom set back up!

A photo posted by Alexis (@laugheatlearn) on

Favorite Accomplishment

Starbucks: I honestly don’t know how I kicked it but in 2014, I officially dropped Starbucks off my daily to do list. I won’t go into a lot of details but the customer service, the prices and the overall quality finally did it for me. I’m happy to say that I’m saving a TON of money every month by going to smaller coffee stands and making coffee my way at home. 

Favorite Blog Post

Pre-Season Peek: My favorite post has to be about my classroom for this school year! I even had a little more fun by making it a linky party with some of my blogger buddies to share their classroom as well! 

Favorite Thing You Pinned

Playing Off Above: My co-worker actually sent this to me and I just had to pin it. It’s priceless!

Favorite gift you received

From a Student: After a couple of tough weeks, it was so wonderful to see something like this on my desk. It’s priceless and perfect!

A photo posted by Alexis (@laugheatlearn) on

Favorite new thing you tried

Planning: Every year I go back and forth with planning, I can never figure out the perfect way to plan for school. I’m not a huge fan of it so I don’t want to spend a ton of time with intense plans so I decided to go back to the college days with this Mixed Role August to August calendar. It’s just a simple daily planner with lines but I’ve worked out a system that works best for me and I LOVE it! I’m hoping my love for it continues in 2015!

A photo posted by Alexis (@laugheatlearn) on

Favorite Restaurant

Sushi: My absolute favorite restaurant is in my boyfriend Jonathan’s neighborhood called Wabi Sabi Sushi in Seattle. If you are ever visiting Seattle, you must try this place!

A photo posted by Alexis (@laugheatlearn) on

Favorite TV Series

LOST: Funny thing you asked, I just ranted with my best friend and boyfriend the other day about how LOST is simply the most amazing show ever, then I decided to re-live my love for LOST with re-watching the series on Netflix!

Favorite Movie You Watched

Lion King: By far one of my favorite movies as a child! Technically this wasn’t a movie but I did get to finally see Lion King live!! It was magical and wonderful!

A photo posted by Alexis (@laugheatlearn) on

Favorite Article of Clothing

Leopard & Teal: I’m a huge fan of teal so I’m always trying to combine everything and anything with this color. This was probably my easiest and comfiest (is that even a word?!) outfit!

A photo posted by Alexis (@laugheatlearn) on

Favorite Quote

Sunday Funday: I absolutely love this quote!

A photo posted by Alexis (@laugheatlearn) on

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alexis porter

I’m a cuban and puerto rican, living in Seattle, Washington with my husband and pup. I absolutely love working with fellow solopreneurs and online business owners who want their websites to stand out and shine online. ✨

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