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How to Prepare WordPress WooCommerce for Seasonal Sales


Image of a woman holding a credit card as she shops online

It’s becoming increasingly popular to have your own ecommerce store, but a lot of business owners don’t use their WordPress WooCommerce site to its full potential! During higher sales seasons, like holidays and back to school, you can leverage your sales even more by having a few things in place. Let’s talk about how to best utilize your WordPress WooCommerce store to make more sales.

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Do You Really Need Your Own Store?

With big marketing platforms like Etsy and TPT, it may seem pointless to have your own store. It’s true having your own store will require time, potentially money, and upkeep. But it’s also essential if you ask me. 

When you rely on an outside website for sales, you are at the whims of their algorithms, site changes, and even their potential downfall. You are also limited in what you can sell and how. Having a WordPress WooCommerce store is a safety net, and it provides you with flexibility.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Store for Seasonal Sales

Okay, I’m hopping off my “why you need an ecommerce store” soapbox now. Let’s dig into exactly how you can utilize your WordPress WooCommerce store to maximize sales.

GIF of a woman skipping on a sidewalk with shopping bags in hand

#1 Clear Titles and Optimized Descriptions

When creating your site, it’s tempting to rush through your descriptions. You might even tell yourself you’ll beef them up at a later date… Well, that time is now! A solid title and description can make or break a sale. If people are confused or unsure about what they are purchasing, it’s likely a “no”. Especially when you’re selling on your own site, people will naturally have more skepticism, so make it an easy yes for them.

#2 Add and Request Reviews

Reviews and social proof can have a huge impact on whether or not people make a purchase. Just think of how much time you spend reading Amazon reviews. To prepare for seasonal sales, make sure your reviews on WooCommerce are enabled (you can find this in your settings). Then, set up an automated email that goes out to previous buyers asking them to leave a review on your WooCommerce site.

Four women standing around a computer to prepare their store for upcoming sales

#3 Set Clear Categories

Nothing is more frustrating than searching through a site for what you need. Make shopping during seasonal sales a breeze for buyers by creating categories. These can be by grade level, subject area, season, resource type, and more. You can even add a filter to your WordPress WooCommerce site, so shoppers can narrow down the search results.

#4 Update Your Website

As I mentioned before, there is automatically more skepticism when it comes to shopping on someone’s website. Unlike TPT or Etsy, people will wonder what happens if the product doesn’t live up to their expectations. Ease their anxiety by making your privacy policy, return policy, and contract information crystal clear. Take time before any seasonal sales to update this information, as well.

A woman holding a card as she shops on WooCommerce

#5 Utilize Special Coupons

Lastly, having a WordPress WooCommerce store means ultimate flexibility for sales! You can create custom coupons, bundles, and even send throw special sales. This is a great way to reward customers and encourage them to come back for more. Take time to brainstorm how you can utilize specialized coupons on your site.

Ready to Set Up Shop?

Whether you want to get your WordPress WooCommerce site up and running, or you want to add more products to your store, I can help! With my Shop Setup service, I’ll upload your products, add your descriptions, create categories, and more to get your shop in tip-top shape.

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alexis porter

I’m a cuban and puerto rican, living in Seattle, Washington with my husband and pup. I absolutely love working with fellow solopreneurs and online business owners who want their websites to stand out and shine online. ✨

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