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Optimize, protect, and relax: Explore the benefits of Worry-Free Maintenance today!

stop wasting time, start earning more

shop setup services designed for you!

Ready to make more money than marketplaces? With my Shop Setup Services, you can turn your online shop dream into reality in just days. No more endless Googling, frustrating tutorials, or stalled progress. Get your stress-free, professionally crafted shop that works for you!

stop wasting time, start earning more:
shop setup services designed
for you!

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Your shop, your rules

Are you a teacher author or solopreneur with dreams of launching your own online shop? Do you crave complete control over your products, sales, and everything in between? Tired of the unpredictable ups and downs of online marketplaces? If any of this sounds familiar, you're in the right place.

no more marketplace headaches

You might find yourself frustrated because you've dived into the world of online shop setup. You've been googling "how-tos," chatting with peers on Facebook, and watching tutorial videos. But somewhere along the way, you got stuck on a step or became impatient with the process. Perhaps you even reached out to your designer for support and were left hanging. Or maybe you simply don't have the time or energy to figure it all out on your own. Now, you're at a standstill with your online shop.

ecommerce obstacles hindering your shop launch?

I get it and i'm here to help

imagine what it would feel like to...

βœ”οΈ Have everything set up for you in just a few days
βœ”οΈ Gain the confidence to add more on your own
βœ”οΈ enjoy peace of mind with everything setup + tested
βœ”οΈ Reclaim the time to focus on the things you love
βœ”οΈ Have a professional in your corner to turn to
βœ”οΈ See a live online shop with cha-chings rolling in!

take back control


investment starts at $1,000 per day with 30% deposit required to schedule

Launched shop Showcase

Explore my portfolio of launched shops and witness the success stories of fellow teacher authors and solopreneurs just like you. These real-world examples showcase the transformation from dreams to thriving online shops, all thanks to my Shop Setup Services. Get inspired by their journeys and envision the possibilities for your own online venture. πŸ₯³

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choose the right setup for you

packages for all shop sizes: whether you're starting fresh or scaling up!



βœ”οΈ ONE day dedicated to your shop
βœ”οΈ up to 25 products added for you
βœ”οΈ one week post support



βœ”οΈ THREE days dedicated to your shop
βœ”οΈ up to 400 products added for you
βœ”οΈ one month post support

customized shop sidebar ($300 value)

client favorite!

βœ”οΈ setup + install of woocommerce plugin

βœ”οΈ customize shop pages to fit your website aesthetic

βœ”οΈ shop pages added and checked on all devices for responsiveness

βœ”οΈ customize email sent to buyers upon purchasing

βœ”οΈ resources added with covers, previews, titles, files, descriptions, prices, and more

βœ”οΈ products stored via client's cloud storage* and connected to site

βœ”οΈ product images compressed manually prior to uploading

βœ”οΈ setup + assign categories and tags for each product

βœ”οΈ all shop pages added to navigation

βœ”οΈ visual cart icon added to navigation for easy shopping

βœ”οΈ guidance on connecting your payment platforms to your shop

βœ”οΈ secure checkout + instant downloads for buyers

βœ”οΈ lifetime access to exclusive video tutorial to get started and add more on your own

βœ”οΈ post support to in case you run into any issues or questions you with your new shop

βœ”οΈ master copy of all uploaded products in custom spreadsheet to use in the future for planning

*it is strongly recommended you have cloud storage (dropbox is preferred) to store your products off your website. this ensures you do not slow down your site, eat up your storage resources, and you are able to update products easily

please note: premium and paid plugins are not included and would need to be purchased prior to vip day(s).

why choose shop setup services?


With years of experience with Shop Setups + WooCommerce, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your project, ensuring your online shop's success.

created by a seasoned professional


your shop, your vision


rapid setup for immediate impact


I'm there every step of the way

proven results:

see the success stories

I understand that your shop is an extension of your brand. My services are fully customized to align with your unique goals and aesthetics, creating a shop that's uniquely yours.

Say goodbye to the days of waiting. I streamline the setup process, getting your shop up and running swiftly, so you can start selling sooner.

My commitment doesn't end with setup. You'll have access to post-support, ensuring your shop continues to thrive and adapt to your needs and goals.

Explore my portfolio above of thriving shops, showcasing real-world examples of how I've helped others like you turn their online selling dreams into reality.

personalized service:

one on one partnership

As a fellow solopreneur, you'll work directly with me, ensuring a personalized experience and a shop that truly reflects your vision.

what my clients have to say

what my clients have to say

frequently asked questions

what is the process for a shop setup?

I've made the process as easy as possible for you!

  1. Choose your desired package based on your needs.
  2. Review the plan details and benefits.
  3. Complete the secure payment process or reach out to me directly to chat more!
  4. Fill out the intake form provided after checkout.
  5. I'll get you all setup, export your product data from TPT (if applicable), and send out the customized homework. You'll begin to work on this which included gathering your product files and product info in one place for me. 
  6. I'll review the homework one week before your scheduled day(s) and begin prep on my end. 
  7. Your setup will begin and I'll get started right away working on installing, setting up, and uploading products. Basically working my magic! I'll let you check everything out before I set it live on your site!
  8. By the end of your day(s) your new shop will be fully setup and functional - ready to start bringing in those cha chings! ✨
  9. I'll send over access to the tutorial and you'll have move into your post support via Asana for whatever you need support with.

What is the payment schedule for these services?

A 30% deposit down is required to book your service day(s) and the remaining balance is due one week before you begin, the same day your homework is due. All deposits are non-refundable as they book your date(s) in my calendar and availability to other potential clients is removed.  

Do i need to be available during the shop setup day(s)?

Nope! The only thing you will need to complete by the end of your post support is setting up your payment gateway (this is how you get paid for your products). There will be an easy tutorial for you to follow on this. Other than that, you are free to go about your day stress-free! 

are the products stored on my website or elsewhere?

Products are recommendation to be uploaded on a cloud storage for easy of updating, less space is taken up on your site, and it helps with site speed. I recommend and work primarily with DropBox and it's my first choice when it comes to cloud storage for your digital products. 

if i've never worked with you before, can you still setup my shop?

Absolutely not! As long as you your website is compatible with WooCommerce, we are totally good to go to collaborate on your setup. 

does the design or theme on my website matter?

Yes! To ensure compatibility of your new store, we'll need to triple check that your theme/design is compatibility with WooCommerce. 

can you do more than 400 products?

Yes! If you have more than 400 products, please contact me prior to making a deposit so I can send you a custom proposal to tackle all of your product uploads in the right timeframe. My largest to date has been 1,200 products - can you beat that? πŸ˜…

What if I don't have 25 products ready to go for the starter?

I can do any number up to 25 products on the day of your starter service. If you plan on creating more, factor your scheduled date with that in mind so you have the most products ready to go. Unfortunately, I cannot rollover unused products to a different day.  

Have additional questions or want to discuss what service might be best for you? Continue to fill out the form below and just let me know your questions/concerns within so we can connect. 

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