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It’s been a while since Jonathan and I have stepped in a restaurant (for obvious reasons with the pandemic), so we turned to something that you would normally only get in a fancy restaurant for dinner: Lobster Tails. Partnering with Lobster Anywhere to ship out a couple high quality lobsters, that would arrive at my […]

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The reason I love basil pesto so much is because it’s simple to make, cost efficient, smells delicious and oh, did I mention delicious?! This is one of my go-to recipes when I’m in a pinch. This is the reason I buy fresh basil plants at Trader Joe’s during the summer months! It works perfectly […]

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This is the recipe of my special spaghetti sauce I made multiple times during the summer (mostly for my camping trips, it’s easy to make and re-heat out there!). So far, I’ve gotten plenty of compliments on this mixture of goodness! It’s easy to set and forget as well as make extra and save for […]

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