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Today I’m sharing my personal schedule in my classroom and a small tip I use to help with planning. I think it’s so important to be planned out and to spend even a little bit of time planning each week. For me, it helps clear my mind to have goals and it makes it easier […]

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Today I’m sharing how I balance my school life with mobile planning checklists using iCloud. Β When I’m on the go, having everything digital is the only way to go.Β I can easily add to my notes on my phone or my computer and keep track of everything I need to get done. Need to simplify your […]

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A sneak peek at my classroom this week!

It’s almost October?! How did that happen? Well either way, I’m excited. I snapped this photo while running into the Library. I love this time of the year… it’s gorgeous out (even in the rain), the leaves start to change, there is pumpkin everything and I can finally wear layers and boots! October 4th will […]

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Here is a preview of my classroom plans this week.

1. Beginning Geometry Our kiddos and I are jumping into Geometry this week. I’m starting with lines, rays and segments then we will also be covering angles and then finish on Friday with symmetry. We have been working a lot in our interactive notebooks (new to me!) the last week and a half so here […]

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I've been away this summer so here is a look into what I've been doing!

That is the question of the hour! I have been INSANELY busy since I got back from my wonderful (and much needed) vacation/camping trip. We all had a fantastic time out there. The lake was beautiful and I enjoyed the peaceful relaxing time with my family! I also spend some extra time driving back and […]

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