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A sneak peek at my classroom this week!

A Peek This Week Into My Classroom


Take a peek at my classroom and what I have in store for this week's lessons! It’s almost October?! How did that happen? Well either way, I’m excited. I snapped this photo while running into the Library. I love this time of the year… it’s gorgeous out (even in the rain), the leaves start to change, there is pumpkin everything and I can finally wear layers and boots! October 4th will mark one whole month in 3rd and 4th grade! I’m linking up this week to two parties so here is a peek at my week (and this weekend).

Take a peek at my classroom and what I have in store for this week's lessons!

This weekend I spent some quality time at home, in my PJs with lots of coffee and a game plan! I tackled a lot of projects I have been putting off (since the beginning of the school year!). I finally created a ELA curriculum map that incorporates both 3rd and 4th common core standards to be taught in unison. It was a hefty task but now it’s done! I also organized and labeled all my CCSS I can statements that I bought from Jason’s Online Classroom. These are SUPER and so convenient for this teacher who need visual clues. šŸ˜‰ I also created I can statements for my districts Social Studies and Science standards. Lastly, this weekend I graded A WHOLE BUNCH of stuff from my kiddos! I also created a grade book on excel so I could track their progress on the standards.

Take a peek at my classroom and what I have in store for this week's lessons!
Now onto this next week… We will start talking about narrative writing and create a list of story ideas to refer back to! We will also start looking at angles and additives. And lastly, I will finally jump into the huge social studies unit my district created about our community. When I say huge, I mean 220 pages huge. It’s insane and so hard to comprehend but I’m going to give a shot! I hope everyone has a great week! Happy fall!

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