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Valentine’s Day is something every kid (and some teachers, like me) looks forward to each year! Sharing notes of affection, tasty treats, and having a classroom party are the best! Although exhausting, trust me, I know that first hand, but I have the fondest memories of a child at our classroom celebrations back in the […]

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Let’s all admit that December can be crazy in your classroom, am I right? Between trying to make sure you get everything checked off before break, working on grades, assignments, etc., trying to keep your classroom management in tact for a few more weeks/days, the last thing on your mind if planning something fun. I’m […]

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With the holidays just around the corner,Β the next few weeks are going to be quite busy. You’ve survived October (congrats on that one), not you have a few short weeks until Thanksgiving Break. You got this! In my classroom, I always loved throwing some type of harvest party (especially for those kinders) a week or […]

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It’s almost Christmas which means only one thing: COOKIES! I finally have the time to create some fun treats to share with my friends and family. These are by far my favorite cookies to make during the holiday season (or any season, if I’m really being honest!) This sugar cookie recipe is easy to mix […]

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This morning Jonathan and I decided we needed to start a new tradition and it revolved completely around this breakfast casserole. You know it’s a keeper if we keep making noises with each bite and we talk about making this with our future kids! Looking to start a new tradition? Pin it to save! The […]

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