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Tips for Building an Email List with WordPress


Wanting to start an email list? Here are my best tips on email marketing, and how your WordPress site can help.

When it comes to email marketing, it can feel really daunting to begin! It requires getting familiar with new platforms, creating lead magnets, and being intentional about your marketing. There are lots of tips on email marketing out there, but I want to break it down as simply as possible! 

As a WordPress Wizard (my client’s words, not mine 😜), I help a lot of clients integrate email marketing with WordPress. While you don’t need a WordPress site to build your list or start email marketing – it can definitely help!

Let’s break down how to get started with email marketing and how WordPress can help.

This blog post includes affiliate links. I earn a small percentage of sales made through these links. Affiliate links are indicated by an asterisk (*).

Wanting to start an email list? Here are my best tips on email marketing, and how your WordPress site can help.

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Step 1: Choose an Email Platform

There are tons of different email marketing platforms out there, so you may find yourself sweating a bit about choosing the right one. 😅 One of my best tips on email marketing is to choose something to start with and pivot down the road if you need to. 

If you are looking for a free platform to start with, Mailchimp and Convertkit* offer a free version. There are limitations to what you can do within the free account, but it’s a great starting place.

However, Flodesk* is my go-to for those starting out with email marketing. It’s user-friendly and simple, which makes it great for beginners. Plus, unlike other providers that raise their rates as your email list grows, Flodesk* has a flat monthly rate. 

Wanting to start an email list? Here are my best tips on email marketing, and how your WordPress site can help.

Step 2: Create a Lead Magnet

Once you choose a platform, it’s time to start list building. You’ll need to create a freebie that your audience can’t help but snag. You can create a guide to accomplishing a task (like an eBook), a free sample of a digital product, and more!

Once you’ve accumulated several freebies over time, you can create a freebie library on WordPress. A freebie library allows you to house several free resources in one place.

A freebie library is a great incentive for a subscriber because they can get access to several resources instead of having to sign-up for each freebie individually.

Want help setting up your freebie library? I can create the library, upload the products, and add site navigation to your website all in one day! Let’s talk about setting up your resource library.

Wanting to start an email list? Here are my best tips on email marketing, and how your WordPress site can help.

Step 3: Integrate with WordPress

Now that you have everything set up, you want to start building your list. This is where integrating with WordPress can really help. There are a few tips on email marketing I abide by here: put your landing page in several places and make it easy for people to opt in.

With WordPress, you can embed landing pages onto your website, so people don’t have to click through to sign up for your lead magnet. You can also embed a pop up on your site. (I know, pop ups are annoying. But they work!) You can even place landing pages on your blogs, so you can capture leads while people enjoy your content.

let me help!

Want to start building your email list with WordPress? Let me help! I can complete tasks like newsletter setup, newsletter migration, and resource library creation – all within a day or less! Ask about my Done in a Day Services.

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