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The Best Handwritten Fonts to Level Up Your Products


Looking for new, nice handwritten fonts? This handwritten fonts download has everything you need to level up your products and update your brand.

Whether you create digital or physical products, I bet you know the importance of font choice. A font can elevate the look of a design, bring a theme together, and even make your product more appealing. And if you’re anything like me, you like having a collection of nice handwritten fonts to choose from. The more, the merrier, right? 😉

There are tons of handwritten font downloads out there, but my favorite by far is the Foodie Fonts bundle. This font bundle has everything from simple to totally unique designs, so I want to give you a sneak peek on exactly what is inside the font pack.

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Looking for new handwritten fonts? Pin to Save!

Where can you use Handwritten Fonts?

Literally everywhere. The better question is where can’t you use them? 🤪 They can become a part of your branded fonts and be used in your logo and on your website. You can also use them to create designs for physical products, like sweatshirts or cards. And of course, handwritten fonts can be used in digital products like teaching resources, Google Slides, and more.

The Foodie Fonts bundle includes both a personal and commercial use license, so you won’t feel restricted on where you can use them.

My Favorite Handwritten Fonts

The Foodie Fonts bundle includes 45 different fonts, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have any favorites. 😆 Take a peek inside the bundle and browse through some of my favorite handwritten fonts from the collection.

Fun and Quirky

fun and quirky handwritten fonts for your brand

It wouldn’t be a font bundle without some fun, quirky fonts. These handwritten fonts are nice to have for themed products or unique designs. For example, “Alphabet Soup” and “Mom’s Chicken Noodle Soup” both have a thick cursive design. It’s not your standard issue cursive (and far from one of those overused cursive fonts on Canva), so it would be a nice handwritten font for a design or brand that you want to pop.

I also really like “Doughnut Holes” and “Brownie Corners”. I could see these being used in primary resources and classroom decor lines!

Easy to Read

authentic handwritten fonts for your products

Of course, not all handwritten fonts are over the top and quirky. A lot of them are simple to read, while still having a bit of character to them. These nice handwritten fonts should be used when you want your design to be simple to read.

For example, you could use them on task cards or worksheets, Google Slide designs, T-shirts, greeting cards, and more. Some of my favorite simple handwritten fonts are “Strawberry Milkshake”, “Snicker Doodles”, Chaffle”, and “Yam Fries”.

Handwriting Goals

handwritten fonts for your brand

Have you ever seen someone else’s handwriting and thought, “Damn 🥺 That’s beautiful.” Well, the Foodie Fonts turned that handwriting into a font. There is a mix of realistic handwritten fonts and purely dreamy ones.

For example, “Oxtail Stew” and “Frittata” are handwriting goals, but would be hard to replicate on your own. “Slow Cooker Stew” and “Garlic Bread” are dreamy, realistic handwritten fonts you’ll wish were your actual signature.

buy the foodie fonts button

Love these handwritten fonts? You can grab them all inside the Foodie Fonts bundle. This download includes 45 handwritten fonts, lifetime updates, and both personal and commercial use licenses.

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