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Nothing is better than a diy crafty teacher! Especially one that is on summer break and ready to dive into some Pinterest inspired crafts! This has been in my “Let’s Get Crafty” board for a long while. I was really in need of some coasters so I decided this would be perfect for my house. […]

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I've been away this summer so here is a look into what I've been doing!

That is the question of the hour! I have been INSANELY busy since I got back from my wonderful (and much needed) vacation/camping trip. We all had a fantastic time out there. The lake was beautiful and I enjoyed the peaceful relaxing time with my family! I also spend some extra time driving back and […]

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Make your own crate seats for your classroom!

Happy Thursday everyone! I wanted to share a “how to” on the crate seats I made in my classroom last week. I know that this isn’t a new idea (thank you, Pinterest!) but I never could find a good set of directions and measurements for how to create them. Need extra storage in your class? […]

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