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Resources & Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day


Earth Day is just around the corner and we are bringing awareness in our classroom while hitting some of those science standards. I've also included some other fun Earth Day resources for your classroom!

Each year, as a child, I would spend time at the Earth Day fair in my hometown. This helped build a love for the Earth and celebrating Earth Day. There was something about going to the fairs and learning about how to save the earth, how to plant and care for certain plants, how to save water by preserving it. The activities were endless. Have you ever been to a fair like that for Earth Day? I don’t know if they still do those such things anymore but I always try to bring a little fun into the classroom this time of year. Especially to bring awareness to this generation of kids who will ultimately play a big part of preserving this world we live in.

Ready to save the earth? Pin it to save!

Around this time of the year, it’s crunch time to meet all the standards. With Earth Day just around the corner, I have a lot of standards I need to meet and that I’ve been holding onto until the big day came around. Yes, we have been learning here and there from our Biomes of the World unit but Earth Day sums up a lot of learning goals in my classroom!

We started with a quick discussion on what is Earth Day and the importance of it. My kiddos worked at their table group to brainstorm a few ideas before we did a class share-out. Pretty informal because I wanted to get to the planting!

They worked collaboratively (thank you, GLAD!) on planting the seeds in their table group pots. Now each table group has a beautiful pot of… dirt! Germination should hopefully happen within the next week so we can begin working on collecting plant data before the big test. Every year I use Kelly from Appleslices Plant Power activity to collect our data during the growth of their plants. It’s a perfect activity to practicing data collection and graphing.

While our plants our growing, we go back to our standards and our first conversations to build 10 ways to save the earth using The Happy Earth Book. I have them discuss and come up with 10 ways with their groups. Students have the choice to work on all 10 together, or split it up to be efficient. This not only meets our science standards but also hits a few ELA ones! Loving using these writing craftivities to enhance our lessons and reflect on all of studying of our earth.

I’ll be using a couple more resources during our discussions about human impact to make sure we hit all of this last minute standards:
So, what are your plans for Earth Day? How do you celebrate and bring awareness in the classroom, if at all? What are your standards you still have to hit before the end of the year? I would love to know more about your classroom!  If you found this useful and want to share with your other teacher friends, pin the image above!

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alexis porter

I’m a cuban and puerto rican, living in Seattle, Washington with my husband and pup. I absolutely love working with fellow solopreneurs and online business owners who want their websites to stand out and shine online. ✨

  1. Thank you so much for all of the great ideas! I love the idea of planting seeds in honor of Earth Day. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your idea is great. I liked the idea of Earth Day tree planting. Thank you. Visit my blog: The Dehumidifier HQ

  3. Costa Blanca says:

    I just discovered Class Dojo a few months ago and am going to be implementing it in my classroom in the fall. I LOVED your ideas and will be incorporating some of them in my classroom! The pack would help me get a head start on my planning for the fall.

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