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The Most Popular Font Types of 2024


An image of popular fonts types

Trends come and go, but my love of fonts has stayed consistent throughout the years. As a website designer, I play with a lot of typography and interact with various brands, and you notice common themes after a while. In 2023, it was common to see retro and handwritten styles. But as the year went by, I noticed some new font styles emerge.

Here are the popular font types I predict will rule over 2024.

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A collage of flared fonts

#1 Flared Fonts

As we progressed into 2024, the retro font evolved into the flared font. This font has longer tails or slanted letters that add dimension to the font face. This new font style is a mix of modern and retro. You’ll find flared fonts on almost every Canva template out there, and it’s found widely on social media. I’d definitely place it at the top of my list of popular fonts for 2024.

A GIF of two men disco dancing

I don’t like to play favorites (especially with fonts), but here are a few flared fonts I love –

Tomato Ketchup* – If you love to reminisce on the old days, you’ll love this retro flared font.

Waverly Display* – Gen Z called. They want their font back. 😆 This font is everywhere!

Quaro* – If minimalist and flared fonts had a baby…

Aura* – This font screams all things luxury and elevation.

Eighties Comeback* – “I want a flared font, but make it Serif.”

A collage of mixed weight fonts

#2 Mixed Weight Fonts

If you’ve ever been frustrated that your font can’t be bold or italicized, then you’ll appreciate that mixed weight fonts are having a comeback moment. Mixed weight fonts come with font variations in the package (which is really helpful with branding). 

Here are a few popular font types with mixed weights that will make your brand feel very 2024 –

Sailing Club* – A serif font that feels high-class without being snooty.

Clockwise* – Who said san serif is boring? They haven’t seen this font.

The Awesome Serif Family* – I love to see a mixed family, especially serif style.

Meloso Variable* – Is it possible for a font to relax you? This one certainly does.

Fitzgerald* – Forget retro. Fitzgerald will leave you feeling vintage.

A collage of unique and funky fonts of 2024

#3 Unique and Funky Fonts

It wouldn’t be a popular font type in 2024 if it weren’t a little out there. I’ve seen more and more brands embrace funky fonts lately, and I really like it! It feels fun and weird while also making your brand stand out.

Here are some weird new font styles I love –

Spike* – If your brand has a funky vibe, you’ll love this mixed font.

Naughty Dogs* – It’s so stinking cute that you’ll want an immediate rebrand.

Lonely Hearts* – A font that’s very bubblegum pop and all things girly.

Bobby Jones* – If comic books were a font, it would be this one.

Foodie Fonts – What’s better than one unique font? A whole pack of them! These handwritten fonts include various styles, from bold and loud to fresh and funky.

A GIF that says "Bring the Funk"

If these popular font types of 2024 have you itching for a rebrand, let’s chat about my Branding Done in a Day! With a Done in a Day session, I’ll create your entire branding suite before you sit down for dinner. This includes brand colors, typography, logos, brand elements, and more. 🙌


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I’m a cuban and puerto rican, living in Seattle, Washington with my husband and pup. I absolutely love working with fellow solopreneurs and online business owners who want their websites to stand out and shine online. ✨

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