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Happy Friday, March 25th!


1. Chicken Pot, YUM!

One of the things I’ve never made, but always wanted to, is chicken pot pie! I finally found the energy this week to try out my hand at this task. I wish I would have made it sooner if I knew it would turn out this amazing! We pretty much had leftovers all week, thanks to a huge pan instead of individual pies. I thankfully took pictures to share on the blog soon so stay tuned!

A photo posted by Alexis Sanchez (@laugheatlearn) on

2. Grad School Problems

Who’s in grad school? Me. Who regrets trying to do this alongside teaching, pro-cert (another hoop I have to jump through to make sure my certificate doesn’t expire), designing, TpTing, blogging, and being a normal person?! ME. Ugh, I know, I can literally see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I really do feel that way sometimes. Please tell me I’m not alone? This thesis is going to drive me crazy until the very end!

3. Easy book Display Idea

In our school library, we have these adorable book displays that I stare at every week (because there is a ton) and then it finally clicked that it is a hanger! The current librarian said that these were left from the previous one but didn’t know what they were made from. I, the investigator, have been looking at them for so long I finally get how they were made and it’s GENIUS, easy, and cheap!

4. Completed Blog Design

This week I shared another completed blog design that I wrapped up recently! I absolutely love collaborating with all these wonderful teacher bloggers out there. Every time I wrap one up, I am yet again so thankful for this journey!

5. Easter Writing Craftivity

We worked in our Easter Egg books this week for writing groups. We had an EGG-cellent time free writing about March traditions and shared their stories with each other! If you’re in need of a last minute activity, this is perfect for any author! Make sure you head to Instagram to view the whole video!

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alexis porter

Iā€™m a cuban and puerto rican, living in Seattle, Washington with my husband and pup. I absolutely love working with fellow solopreneurs and online business owners who want their websites to stand out and shine online. āœØ

  1. LOVE the book displays. Brilliant. Pin! Kathleen

  2. THOSE BOOK DISPLAYS! When I saw it on Instagram I instantly screenshot that gem! Will definitely utilise that idea as I hate those hangers for my clothes and I have a ton of them!

    ā™„ Stephanie

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