8 Good WordPress Plugins for Teacherpreneurs


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It’s no secret that I am a WordPress stan. One of the reasons I love WordPress is the unlimited options and customization, especially for Teacherpreneurs. From selling to marketing products, there are tons of good wordpress plugins that can support your business…and customers! I want to share some common plugins I use when building WordPress sites for teacherpreneurs.

This blog post includes affiliate links. I earn a small percentage of sales made through these links. Affiliate links are indicated by an asterisk (*).

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Good WordPress Plugins for Teacherpreneurs

#1 WordPress Plugins for Security

Nobody wants malware on their site. To keep your site safe (and keep customers coming back for more), I highly recommend using Solid Security Pro* plug-in. I use this with my Worry-Free Maintenance clients – that’s how much I like it. Learn more about protecting your site security on the blog.

#2 WordPress Plugins for Site Backups

There is nothing worse than having a website snafu – and realizing you never backed up your site. 😨 These WordPress plugins makes backups a breeze: Updraft* and Solid Backups*. You can also use WP rollback to easily access your backups and reinstate them to your website.

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#3 WordPress Plugins for Website Design

As a WordPress designer, I’m always looking for good WordPress plugins to up-level sites for teacherpreneurs, bring in more functionality, and make site design easier. Luckily, there is a lot to choose from. 😉

The Elementor* WordPress plugin makes it easy to create and design pages (and landing pages!) on your website in minutes. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping.

Additionally, you can find plugins that add extra customization to your site. Menu image allows you to add icons to your navigation, which can increase site navigation and functionality. Essential Grid* makes it easy to create grids out of products, blog posts, or really – anything. This can help you display lots of images and items easily (and reduce scrolling).

#4 Miscellaneous WordPress Plugins

I could go on and on about all the good WordPress plugins out there, but I’ll wrap it up with a few random plugins that can make a big difference for your site.

First, Pretty Links* might seem unnecessary, but it actually serves a big purpose. Not only does it brand links for you, but you can easily change out links (like landing pages, affiliate links, and more) without having to update all the places that link resides.

Then, we have WP Copy Media URL. Instead of heading to the media library when you need a media file URL, this plugin allows you to get the URL in one simple click. 

Lastly, this one is for the teacherpreneurs with a ecommerce store! With the Rewards Points plugin, you can add rewards to your WooCommerce shop – just like TPT has! This is a great way to reward buyers and get them coming back for more.

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Worry-Free Maintenance

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When you become a Worry-Free client, I’ll handle your daily backups, security monitoring, website updates, and much more to keep your site in tip-top shape. Learn more about Worry-Free Maintenance!

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