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Five Things // January 25th


1. Taking it back old school

Jonathan got me this mini super nintendo a while back (I think October last year, or it might have been earlier?!) and I never took it out of the box. Well, Monday I needed to turn my brain off for a little and decided to play with this! It’s similar to what I had as a kid, bad graphics and all. I had a blast playing Donkey Kong for a while and laughing myself to death when I couldn’t pass the minecart level because of those dang alligators! This was the perfect way to decompress after a long day.

2. Our Venue’s Open House

We have decided on a venue, yay! And to celebrate we were invited to their annual open house this week. They had food and drinks, plus tons of vendors that have experience working with our venue. One of my favorite things (duh) was the sweets area where they had a dessert bar and this awesome wedding cake for display!

3. Date Night

We turned out open house visit into an impromptu date night because why not? We grabbed some dinner and spent some quality time catching up and chatting about our future plans.

4. Cuba Did Some Blogging

Cuba either loves blogging, or hates when I’m working in the evening. But sometimes I just have to sit down with my laptop at night, it’s just the nature of the best. Anyways, she kept crawling into my lap and then proceeded to tap, lick (yes I know), and lean her body all over my laptop. Thankfully I got this week’s recipe (Italian Chicken & Veggie Soup) out minus all the cuddling and bumping from Cuba girl.

5. Make Your Own Salad

Each week I make a trip down to visit my parents and catch up with my friends in my old neck of the woods. This week my friend and I decided to hit the new Mod Pizza. Because Jonathan and I are sticking to our low carb lifestyle (minus the desserts I tried earlier this week, don’t judge!), I grabbed their mod make your own salad. First, it’s huge. AND THATS THE MEDIUM size! I feel like the large is similar to what the Kardashians eat on their show. I was able to pick any toppings I wanted and they mixed it all up. That and an unsweetened ice tea was a perfect dinner in my opinion!

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alexis porter

Iā€™m a cuban and puerto rican, living in Seattle, Washington with my husband and pup. I absolutely love working with fellow solopreneurs and online business owners who want their websites to stand out and shine online. āœØ

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