Five Things // January 19th

Five things from my week - January 19th!

1. Celebration!

Spent some quality time with a bunch of ladies at my friends baby shower. The games were hilarious, food was tasty, and I love the table scape! My favorite part (who doesn’t love baby clothes) is watching the mom to be unwrap all of her adorable gifts for the baby girl.

2. Three Day Weekend with Cuba & Jonathan

We both had a three day weekend so we decided to stay in and finish watching the 8th (or is it 9th?) season of 24. Alongside a few other shows we are watching. I also did a ton of blog planning and got together some ideas for updates on my teacher resources. I didn’t work the whole weekend but it was nice to just do little bits here and there, plus I enjoy it!

3. Planning for the week

Sundays are my favorite for this very reason! Each week I sit down in the bedroom with the fold out table, my markers, bullet journal, coffee (but sometimes tea!), and my shows. Normally I watch the Kitchen, or really any other thing on the DVR I need to catch up on. It’s so peaceful and my favorite part of each week.

4. Dinner with an update cauliflower mac & cheese

Recently I was taught a different (and delicious) way of making Mac & Cheese over the holidays by my future mother in law. The biggest difference is no béchamel sauce, which I have always done. We are eating low carb again so I switched up my normal Cauliflower Mac & cheese recipe with this new method and it turned out AMAZING! I’m going to have to remake it soon and take photos to share here.

5. Surprise mail from Jonathan

Jonathan knows me so well! I got a surprise Groot in the mail this week, just because he knows I love Groot! I have about 5-7 Groots (& Rockets) now in my office but they make me so happy! This little one is sitting on my desk now!

Alexis Porter
Alexis Porter

Hey there, I’m Alexis! I’m a low carb living, Cuban and Puerto Rican, living in Seattle, Washington. I serve as a brand + web designer for fellow teacherpreneurs and small businesses by day. I find joy in sharing my low carb recipes here as well, and am a self-proclaimed pure perfectionist in everything I do.

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