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Five Things // January 12th


Five Things for January 12th, 2018

1. Killin’ It.

Got my first clutch from Studio DIY! I just loved the color and saying on this one so when I saw this was December’s, I had to snag it!

2. Spreading the love, one meal at a time.

Our good friends survived their first week starting a new journey and we dropped off a care package for them. What’s better than chicken tacos and a Rad & Happy card?

3. Quality cuddling with Cuba.

Spent some quality time every night cuddling with Cuba and putting down my phone. It’s been nice to step away every night and focus on real life. Isn’t she adorable?

4. New bedspread for the new year.

My mom got us a new bedspread for Christmas and I’m pretty much in love with it. All things fall (aka leaves) make me so happy and I especially love all the colors!

5. Scallop success!

Jonathan and I have been following a meal plan to get us back into our low carb lifestyle and scallops were on the menu! I’ve actually never made them before so I was a bit nervous. Especially after seeing Gordon Rampseyย repeatedly yell at people on Hell’s Kitchen for messing them up. These turned out so great and were quickly made!

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alexis porter

Iโ€™m a cuban and puerto rican, living in Seattle, Washington with my husband and pup. I absolutely love working with fellow solopreneurs and online business owners who want their websites to stand out and shine online. โœจ

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