Five Things // February 2nd

Five fun things from my week - February 2nd.

1. Cuba & The Red Scarf

This photo is from when I do my bullet journal. Cuba insists on laying right next to me when I’m doing this (I put a foldable table out in the bedroom and sit on the end of the bed. Because who wants to sit in their office during the weekend?) Isn’t she adorable?! Earlier that day she brought me this scrap of fabric and I ended up making her a little scarf as a joke. Totally assuming she would rip it off the second I did, but she actually loved it. Jonathan kept making fun but she looked so adorable! Since then we have taken it off but I like to put it in her every once in a while to joke with Jonathan. He can’t stand clothes on dogs.

2. Turkey run

We have been a strictly ground turkey house for a long time so when I say in the paper a sale on turkey (literally buy one get one free!) We totally ran out and cleared the shelf! I used my FoodSaver so I could stack them better in my freezer. Now we are set for the super bowl and future quick meals for a while!

3. Salmon dinner

We have been doing so great with our low carb lifestyle since the beginning of the year! This dinner was pretty pretty good. I simply used salt, pepper, and dill seasoning on both sides of the salmon. Seared it on medium high (skin side last) for about 2 minutes each side. Then I added a little butter and minced garlic at the end and spooned it over each salmon filet. It turned out pretty amazing and so easy!

4. Being an adult & getting my car refinanced

I was totally an adult this week getting my car refinanced, signing off all the papers, and now have a plan for the rest of the payments. Next week I’m going back to the bank to open a business account and work on getting a retirement fund setup that I can add to each month. One of my intentions this month was to be more aware of where my money is going so I’ve been doing just that! Baby steps. :]

5. Target fun whenever I stress myself out

Who else loves a target run when you are stressed out? It’s my go to place! I was really excited when I saw these adorable letter boards in my favorite colors, teal & purple. Also found some fun succulent plants there! I love when I find great things in the Dollar Spot.

Alexis Porter
Alexis Porter

Hey there, Iā€™m Alexis! I’m a low carb living, Cuban and Puerto Rican, living in Seattle, Washington. I serve as a brand + web designer for fellow teacherpreneurs and small businesses by day. I find joy in sharing my low carb recipes here as well, and am a self-proclaimed pure perfectionist in everything I do.

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