Five Things // February 23rd


Five things from the week of February 23rd

1. February Fitness calendar & tracking

I’ve started tracking some of my fitness journey on a calendar that I can see it all together every week. This includes my yoga and meditation time. It’s been really helpful to see everything in a whole and track on paper.

2. Celebrating 7 years together & a nice dinner

Jonathan and I celebrated 7 years together on Monday. It seriously feels so much longer and not like 7 years at the same time. We were gifted a bunch of gift cards to a fancy steak restaurant on the water so we cashed in on our big day to celebrate in style.

3. Black panther x2!

We got tickets to see Black Panther on Thursday night and it was pretty amazing. We went back to see it the following Saturday at our local theater. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to. It’s more than just a Marvel movie and powerful on it’s own. We will probably see it a few mores times!

4. Valentine’s Day surprise

I got a special delivery on Valentines’ from Jonathan. It was adorable as I missed getting these types of surprises when I was working in the classroom (he would send them almost every year!) It was nice to be able to get this gift while working at home.

5. Impromptu Snow Day?

It snowed a bit the last few days, and has been terribly cold lately. Cuba and I went on our normal walk and she just wasn’t feeling the snow at all. She decided to stay put in one area and just stare at people instead!

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