Happy Fraturday, October 26th!


It’s Saturday and I’m finally able to sit down and work on my blog! I knew the second I started school that I would be busy but I never thought I would be THIS busy (especially after the crazy schedule I had last year, I thought it would be a breeze this year!). I’m pushing through though as best as I can! My class this year is simply amazing. I finally feel like I’m a real (busy!) teacher and my heart feels so right in the intermediate grades! Either way, it sure is tough to keep my work from seeping into my personal life. Doesn’t anyone else feel that way, any tips???

1. Hoot Hoot!

I pulled out my owl costume from last year for our school’s carnival night! The carnival was a blast but boy was our tumble station busy! I’m glad I was able to wear my costume again this year because it took so long to sew all the panels on last year but it turned out so well! Here is the picture of my owl dress. šŸ™‚

2. Book Buddies!

This week we had went to our buddies to help them do some pumpkin art! I’m paired up with my old kindergarten teaching roommate so it’s the perfect time to catch up with her while our kiddos are busy!

3. My Bad Day Cure!

When I’m having a bad day (like I did this week) my go-to is a frappuccino! What’s your cure??

4. Deer?!!

This past weekend I went on a trip to Ocean Shores with some of my teaching friends. While they scrap-booked, I relaxed in the hot tub and messed around on my computer. The best part of the weekend was all the deer just walking around in our yard. I tried to feed them but they didn’t want to eat out of my hand. šŸ™

5. Sweet Students!

Friday, I walked into my room with a sweet surprise on my desk from one of my students! I haven’t mentioned my love of fall to them so this was beyond nice when I saw this!!

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  1. I love your Five for Friday! I am so bad about snapping pictures.
    Love the costume

    Pocket Full of Kinders

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