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Happy Friday, August 2nd!

Another linky party I HAVE to connect to! I have been inspired by many bloggers out there and I have read tons of these five for Fridays when I visit all my favorite teacher blogs each week. I’m beyond excited that I finally have a place to do my own!

1. Finished working IN my classroom… per say!

Here is a sneak peek of my classroom. I just finished unpacking, organizing and labeling at school and everything seems to be settled. I’m so thankful I finished before August because now I can enjoy my last few weeks until school starts at home! I promise to share more soon about my very first classroom!

2. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

My little cousin is coming into town next Tuesday so I have been on a cleaning frenzy to make sure the house is ready for him!

3. Catching up on my favorites!

With the winding down of the move from my classroom, I have been able to enjoy more time with friends, family and my iPad!

4. Creating banners using my “new” circuit

Thanks to my old Kindergarten partner, I now own my own circuit machine! I’m on a mission to complete a ton of banners for my classroom this weekend. I thought this would be a perfect project at home in front of the TV!

5. Must do…

I NEED to go grocery shopping… asap! I don’t have anything.. no milk, bread, cheese… dang I’m starving, maybe I should go to the store!

Alexis Porter
Alexis Porter

Hey there, I’m Alexis! I’m a 30 something bubbly and creative teacher turned web designer living in Seattle, Washington. I absolutely love designing unique brands + websites for fellow teacherpreneurs, creatives, small businesses, bloggers, & many more. When I’m not working on all things Laugh Eat Learn, I enjoy cooking, movies, reading (always with caffeine in hand), and organization of literally everything. I’m also a pure perfectionist which makes everything a little more fun!

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