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Laugh Eat Learn will be closed for our annual Holiday Break from December 11th – January 3rd. Design spots for 2020 projects have been filled. Bookings will open soon for new clients and projects scheduled in 2021. Make sure you sign up to be notified when they become available. Thank you for a great year!


Process of Brand + Website Design

Below you’ll find my complete process from start to finish on building your brand and your website with collaboration, communication, and teamwork in mind. This process is something I’ve been working and crafting with my clients for over 5 years now, making sure I cover all my bases when it comes to an all inclusive and rewarding experience for both of us. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to me, I’m always happy to help explain in more detail or answer any remaining q’s you may have so you are completely comfortable choosing me as your designer!




Book + Schedule — After exploring my package options and getting any questions you may have answered, you’ll book directly on my site to secure the next available date in my schedule. I will email you shortly after to confirm your start date (the day we begin working), your homework due date, and some other important information about my process.



Comprehensive Homework — Upon booking, you’ll be sent a link to a specific homework document for you to fill out and submit prior to the homework due date. This document is a hefty task but it breaks down everything I need from you in terms of your project as well as your wishes and dreams for your new website. The more detail the better! After this has been submitted I will review the homework and start a conversation on anything I need a little more information on. This will be done prior to your start done so we are ready to begin on schedule!



First Payment Required — Up to a week before your start date, I will send out a custom invoice to you with your entire package order and any add-ons you’ve selected. 50% of the balance will be due at this time to mark the start of your project.



Branding Process: Font Pairings, Colors, Illustrations, and Placement — I like to begin the branding process with black fonts pairings of your website title and any tag-lines you have in mind. We’ll work back and forth to nail down the perfect combo. Next, I’ll work with your chosen color palettes, any clip art or illustrations you had in mind and overall placement of the designed logo for your header of the website. I will be emailing you back and forth for feedback so we get the exact look you are after.



Branding Process: Small Designs + Brand Board Creation — Once we nail down your overall colors, fonts, and logo header, I will begin to work on all the designed pieces of your website. This will also include any add-ons you’ve selected during the homework process. After I have designed all the individual pieces, I’ll put everything together on a sample brand board which will include all the designs, your color hex codes and fonts used for your reference.



Review + Revisions — At this point you’ll review the brand board and we’ll make any and all revisions to the designs until you are 150% happy with them and ready to finalize. This may be a couple emails back and forth or it may be more. The goal here is your happiness with the overall branding before I begin to work on your website install and setup.



Final Payment Required — Now that we worked through all the tweaks and revisions to make it perfect, you’ll give me the final thumbs up to finalize the brand board. At this time, prior to beginning the install of the site, the remaining 50% of the balance is due. Once paid, we will officially be ready to begin your website!



Book + Schedule — Now begins the fun! If you don’t already have an established website (or blog), I will begin by setting that all and getting it ready with your theme choice, plugins, and any other essential things you may need. Using the homework file, I’ll start to install all the things you’ve asked for throughout the website. After that I will begin the customizing portion of my work, adding code, tweaking the theme to make it unique to you and your brand. Everything we created previously for the brand board will be installed and be reflective throughout your new website. During this time, expect a long email from me with follow up questions for specific things that have to do with your site.



Tweaks + Final Touches — We’ll continue our collaboration back and forth until your site is exactly as you envisioned it and you are in LOVE. I’m always happy to continue to tweak things until it’s absolutely perfect.



Final Deliverables — After we’ve nailed everything down on the site and you have given me the final final thumbs up that you are ready to go live, I’ll run a full backup of your website and gather all of your designs together in a zip file. You’ll also get access to my WordPress 101 guide to get started with tips and resources for any beginner if we’ve installed on WP. At this point I say my final thank you for being my client, encourage you to email me at any time if you need anything revised or have any issues, and wish you a happy journey with your brand and website!



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