TPT Shop Makeover Portfolio

This portfolio features some of Teachers Pay Teachers stores I’ve had the pleasure of making over. This gallery will show you how we stay on brand and relevant to my client’s business and niche as a teacher author. Check out the Logo Design portfolio as most of the time we start here before we move onto shop spaces. Make sure to follow @laugheatlearn for sneak peeks and previews of the shops I help!

“I am a guy and a math teacher, so a real linear thinker. Alexis took my basic ideas and created an awesome new design for my TPT site. I learned a lot from the process, I found preparing materials and doing my homework to be a great experience. Alexis is organized, creative, and above all a great communicator. When you are picking someone to be on your team, I recommend Alexis as your first round pick!”

you can take a closer look at any tpt shop makeover by simply clicking the image

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