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Laugh Eat Learn will be closed for our annual Holiday Break from December 11th – January 3rd. Design spots for 2020 projects have been filled. Bookings will open soon for new clients and projects scheduled in 2021. Make sure you sign up to be notified when they become available. Thank you for a great year!



Here at Laugh Eat Learn, I, Alexis Porter, strive to provide you with a outstanding web/blog design for both Blogger and WordPress as well Logos and Teachers Pay Teacher Shop Makeovers. My ultimate goal with working with my clients is for them to absolutely fall in love with their finished projects and be 150% happy. I believe in a completely collaborative design process. This means working with you each step of the way so it’s not only completely unique (no cookie cutting here!) but also a final design that you are OBSESSED with emoji heart-filled eyes! I’ve created this terms of design so I can meet your expectations of our work together. I find it important that we be on the same page throughout this process and that begins with understanding and accepting the terms you see below alongside my Privacy Policy found here.


Monday – Friday from 11 AM to 6PM (PST). Most responses will receive a reply within 24-48 hours. Evening, weekends, and major holidays are spent with my husband, my dog, family, and friends, therefore you will not get a response from me during this time.


After placing a order, insuring a design slot in your name, I will review the information submitted. I will contact you as soon as possible with additional information/questions. Deposits/payments hold your name in my waitlist, therefore becoming unavailable to potential clients, for this reason all deposit/payments are non-refundable. The final invoice for your designs will be sent via a invoice through PayPal.


Homework will be sent after the deposit/payment is received. Homework is due the 15th the month before your start date (unless otherwise noted by me), which will be noted in the confirmation email. You can see current due dates here at the bottom of my waitlist. If homework is not completed prior to your due date, you will lose your date and an additional deposit ($100 for blog/site and $50 for logo/tpt makeovers) must be made to be added back to my next available design slot in my calendar.


Once we have communicated and a deposit/payment is made, next available design slot will be held under your name {see current waitlist}. The date your name is listed is the date I will begin working on your design. If homework has not been received one month prior, you will lose your date and be re-assigned to my next available once the homework fee has been taken care of (see above).

Once your homework is received on my end, I will read through it and make comments on the document, which will be shared with you, so we can interact through it and clear up anything left before I begin. The week prior to your design start date, a payment of 50% of your balance is due before I initially begin your designs. I will email the invoice via PayPal. If 50% payment is not received after 2 weeks (14 days) of initial sent date, the design client will lose their design slot and a fee of $100 will need to be paid in additional to the 50% payment to get back on calendar.

Once the 50% balance is paid, the design process will begin and initial design previews are usually sent a few days after I begin for approval and edits. After any/all revisions have been made, I will move onto the small designs included in your package and any extra/add-ons you have selected during your homework. Once all revisions have been made and all images are finalized, the remaining balance will be due (50% remaining) before moving onto setup, customization, and install of your site.

The process is step by step, communication between each step until it’s completed. I do not jump ahead in my process.

Once paid, I will begin to work on your test site and begin to customize the theme to your liking. Approval will be asked throughout. Once you approve everything with two thumbs up, I will send a reminding invoice (if needed) prior to sending you your final drafts in the zipped file. Your balance must be paid in full prior to receiving any of the promised files included in your package, no exceptions.

No final files will be sent until ALL invoices have been paid and the site is completely finalized and live. No exceptions.


These services must be paid in full prior to me beginning or adding on to your design package. For the migration, I will need access to your Blogger. The migration process can be done at any time during our work together but is recommended to be done towards the end of your blog/web design so you can continue to blog during our work together. For the shop install, we will determine if your theme is WooCommerce compatible (I am only working with WooCommerce at this time), and then setup will begin of the store and to match your site design. If your theme is not compatible, we will have to have a discussion about changing your theme to one that is, which will be done at an additional cost. For the Resource Library setup, you will need to purchase a copy of Essential Grid for me to setup and begin the process of your password protected library. This plugin is not included in the package and will need to be purchased prior to me beginning on your site.


Similar to above, a slot will be held in your name and homework given on my personal calendar for small designs like these. The date I give you through the email will be when I begin working on your design. If homework has not been received one month prior, you will lose your date and be re-assigned to my next available. Once your homework is received on my end, I will read through it and make comments on the document, which will be shared with you, so we can interact through it and clear up anything left before I begin. I will email you a few days prior to beginning to check in and initial design previews are usually sent a few days after I begin for approval and edits. Once final colors, fonts, placement have been assigned, I will work on the remaining designs in your order. Once approved, a final invoice will be sent if needed. After any leftover balances have been taken care of, final designs will be sent through a zipped file and any installs will happen at this time.

No final files will be sent until ALL invoices have been paid and the site is completely finalized and live. No exceptions.


A payment towards this package can be made through my site, or simply contact me to begin. Once we have communicated and agreed on the project, I will give you a rough estimate of how much time it will take me and add you to my next available daily calendar slots. You will need to give me all the information, documents, images, etc. prior to me beginning your project. Once I begin, I will track the time and work through the project. If additional time is needed, this will need to be paid in full prior to the completion of the job.

No final files (if applicable) will be sent until ALL invoices have been paid and the site is completely finalized and live. No exceptions.


The design process varies from person to person based on my completely unique and collaborative philosophy. Each package I offer includes an hourly time frame with the option of additional hours if needed. These hourly limits within the package are based on averages from my previous collaborations with clients. Keep in mind, my process for Blogger/Wordpress will span over a minimal of 45 (business) days from start to finish based on the collaboration, communication (average/great), and the entire process in total. The timeline for TPT Makeovers & Logo Designs is much less based on the amount of work needed. I work with multiple clients at a time so my time is split between my monthly group.

If you need your project completed by a hard deadline or done within a shorter amount of time, I need to know prior to beginning your work (via email or homework document) so a rush order can be applied. It is your responsibility to let me know of any deadlines on your end that will effect the project. 

I use Harvest to track all work done for your project, including email responses. A breakdown of each package and their hourly averages can be found on here: Blogger, WordPress, Logos, TPT Makeovers. Most commonly, revisions and communication are what take the most time. It’s my promise that I will work efficiently within your time allowance, keep track of everything I do, and give you access to a live view of our time and what it is going towards. You will be well aware if we are getting close to adding additional time to our project before it happens.


Communication is key to staying on track with your design process. All communication will be done through email, no exceptions. Once we begin our collaboration of the design, you will need to frequently check your email for all things design related and reply within 24-48 hours. This is to ensure your design is completed in a timely and efficient manner. I am available via Email every day of the work week. I work hard to respond to each and every email within the 24-48 hour range. If there will be a time that either I, your designer, or you, the client, will be unavailable for communication (days out of town, illness, etc.) that will need to be communicated and a check in date established.

Any communication/feedback delays that last more than five days (without prior notice) will add a “holding fee” of $15 per 5 days to your invoice. If a client does not respond or communicate within 2 weeks (14 days) the project will be suspended and there will be a $100 restart fee to resume the work on a blog/site design and $50 for logo/tpt makeovers. Again, communication is key and without communication staying consistent, I get behind on my work schedule and at times get backed up with other clients. Rescheduling and payment of these fees will be required for work to pick up again, and the scheduled dates of the project will be based on my availability. I do understand that emergencies do happen, so if this is the case, please send me a simple email letting me know your situation. 

I will make every effort to keep your project on schedule, within your time allowance and budget; however, I depend on your input and communication.


At this time, I only creating selected custom clip art. We must communicate about your vision of the clip art prior to me agreeing to work on the sample. Agreed upon custom clip art will be at an additional cost. If you are using clip art from another source, this will be purchased accordingly and used within the design. The TOUs of each clip artist but be vetted by me prior to us using it within your design. Clip art is not included in the design price and may be an additional cost to you.


These are not included in any package I offer and your responsibility to purchase. I will help guide you on hosting services & domain setup, and work with your providers to get your site up and running. Some of my favorite hosting services are Blue Host, Gator Host, and SiteGround but open to any service you want to use.


The client is responsible for managing/adding their content, WordPress, and hosting account. This includes but is not limited to backups, updates, security, and content revisions. Some assistance is available at an hourly rate after the project has been completed.


There will be three payments standard with blog/web design packages. The initial deposit of $100, a second invoice will be sent for 50% of the remaining balance before initial start date, and a final invoice will be sent for the remaining 50%. Any additional costs will be sent via an additional invoice to be paid prior to receiving any final designs and/or full access to your installed website. All balances must be paid in full before completing a project of any nature. Failure to pay any remaining balances, at any time, may accrue holding fees, restart fee, and/or may result in disabling the install and designs of your site/blog until the balance is paid in full.


Due to the type of service, refunds are not given.


When your design is done, a button/text will be placed on your page. This must remain as long as the design is installed. You may move the button but it must not be deleted/removed. I will take a screenshot of your design and display it in my portfolio for others to see my work. If you do not want to be displayed, please let me know.


I want you to be 150% in love with your design and am happy to make unlimited revisions during the design process within your time balance for the package. Revisions made after the installation will require an additional fee.


You may not alter, share and/or claim any of the designs I create for you, including the blog/site, as your own.


Please treat me with the same respect you would expect to be treated and remember that I am a person with a family, friends, and a life outside of web designing. I reserve the right to refuse to work with you, for any reason, at any time.

If you have any questions at all, please contact me. These terms are subject to change at anytime. 

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