I work one-on-one with you to make your visions come to life in just two weeks, guaranteed! We’ll start by creating a brand you are proud to show off, then move right into building you the website you need to stand out online for your ideal audience. I believe in quality over quantity with all my projects, and promise to create a completely unique Brand and Website Design for WordPress, personalized for you and only you.


  • WordPress Branding + Website Design

Investment for the Branding + Website Design Intensive starts at $3,500 and consists of all the following specific designs and components:

One-on-one Undivided Attention during Collaboration

Start to Launch in just Two Weeks

One Primary Logo Design for Website Header

Three Alternative Logo Designs for Consistent Branding

Watermark Design for ALL Logos in Color, Black, and White

Frustration-Free Font Selection Process + Pairing

Customized Color Palette

Six Total Design Elements + Installables of your choosing

Brand Board with Finalized Designs PLUS Color + Font Information

WordPress and Theme Choice Setup + Install

Essential Plugins Installed + Activated

Customization of Theme to Match Branding Created Together

Selection of Curated Stock Photography to Enhance Website

Homepage + 4 Additional Pages Created + Setup

Zipped Folder of ALL Designs, Files, and Backup

1 Hour Live Launch Training + Recording

2 Weeks Full Post Support



Fully comprehensive homework with questions about your business, brand, target audience, and style preferences

Multiple font pairings sourced and sent, to start the process based on your preferences and overall style envisioned

Using your suggested colors and our finalized font choices, variations of primary logos are created to choose from

Design elements you’ve selected are made to order based off the color, fonts, and overall style we’ve crafted so far

Unlimited revisions + tweaks for any and all the design elements until you’re happy – no limitations, no judgement

Custom brand board sent with finalized design elements, color codes, and font names, all in one place for your convenience

Collaboration and communication throughout the process until you are in love with your overall brand and design elements

All design files, backups, and guides will be sent in a handy, zipped file for you to keep safe and use how you please



WordPress installation and setup, with necessary settings, plugins, and personalized “coming soon” display while we build

Genesis Framework and your theme are installed and setup properly; ready for customizations and your design + web elements

Custom coding added to achieve a website that is functional, mobile responsive, and unique to your brand and mission

Homepage + four additional pages of your choice added, installed to menu, and tailor-made to match overall feel of site

Design elements + installables are introduced to customized website, to bring life to your branded site and complete look

Website is setup, and vigorously tested, to be responsive, function correctly, and look great on any and all screens

Live 1 hour call where I’ll show you exactly how to use your new website and answer any remaining questions you have.

Two weeks post launch support where I can support your learning and launching with tweaks, revisions, and 1:1 tutorials.



Click an image below to take a closer, visit my full portfolio to see more of my work!



Hover over each question below about the Branding + Website Design Intensive. Have more questions? Get in touch first!

To secure a date on my calendar and begin the process, the initial deposit is 30% of your total.

The deposit is non-refundable, as it removes the date in my calendar, therefore becoming unavailable to potential clients.

After our consultation, and we both feel we are a good fit to work together, I will send out your personalized proposal which 30% will be required to secure your date. The remaining balance will need to be paid in full one week before your schedule start date. If you need a payment plan created for you, I'd be happy to discuss this during our initial call.

All balances must be paid in full before we begin your intensive.

Anything beyond the package cost, including themes, add-ons, or WordPress services, will be invoiced separately prior to the start of your intensive.

Besides my Branding + Website Design package, you must have the following:

    • Domain - Cost is usually around $12 a year
    • Hosting - Cost can depend on website size, speed, and traffic, and ranges from $4-$25+ a month
        • e.g. where your website is stored on the internet, I personally use TechSurgeons

The Branding + Website Design Intensive takes just TWO WEEKS, start to launch. 

This includes creating your full branding suite (if needed), building and customizing your website, and celebrating your launch with a one hour live training of your website all while keeping my same signature collaborative process for all the brands and websites I build.

YES! I’ve successfully created a full brand + website (plus service setups) within a two week block, with time to spare. The interaction and work between my client and I during this time is so great and we really get down to business so you can launch sooner and start seeing a return on your investment FASTER!

When booking your intensive, you'll receive a list of available dates to choose from. This ensuring you are choosing the best date that YOU will be fully available and be ready to commit to. You get to choose how we communicate during these two weeks (Asana, Email, Text, Voxer, DMs…) so that you are able to answer my questions and submit revisions in a relatively quick manner. It’s important that you are scheduling a time that works for you and you won’t be out of town, or unavailable for a portion. 

You’ll also want to plan to spend some time on the first weekend looking at the website and getting the revisions requests in before Monday (of week 2).

Communication is key to staying on track within your project process and that begins with choosing the best dates you can fully commit to the project as I am for you! 

With my plan of action, process, and you picking the best two week block that you are available fully, there should not be any additional time needed.

You'll also receive two fully weeks of post support that we can use for minor changes, tweaks, and fixes so everything is 1000% perfect for you and your business. 

WordPress.com is as similar to Blogger, but it's using the WordPress structure. It’s free and you can simply sign up and begin to setup a blog/site similar to Blogspot’s platform. As with Blogger, WordPress.com has many limitations to what it may look like, the widgets/plugins you can use, and the sense of overall ownership.

WordPress.org is similar to owning an actual website. You purchase hosting (online storage) for your site, hook your domain (.com) to it, and install the free WordPress framework onto your hosting. From there, you pretty much have free control of everything your site does, how it looks, how it feels, and how it acts. There are 1,000s of plugins to choose from (free and paid) that will help enhance your site, alongside a ton of themes to browse and setup. These themes can be customizable to ensure that your website looks and interacts for your potential readers/customers, exactly to your vision. You can hire someone (like me!) to help you setup your self-hosted WordPress, customize the theme, and get your site up and running with branding in mind.

Are you still confused? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Just remember, with WordPress.org (the self-hosted version) your options for your site are endless! You can read more about the differences here.

The Branding + Website Design Intensive does not include any of the following: Completely Custom Clipart, Paid Fonts, Paid Plugins, Content Creation or Uploading, Website Maintenance, Security, Migration, or  Shop Setup. If needed, these costs will be added separately to your invoice and/or can be purchased separately.

No, Branding (and it's process entirely) is automatically included in every package.

If you do happen to have suitable branding in place that you'd like to keep and just create a website, we can discuss this during our discovery call and tackle this as well under the same mindset and intensive. 

Yes! You can add services whenever you need them by contacting me directly about your needs.



Over 7 years ago, as a classroom teacher, I turned my side hustle, Laugh Eat Learn, into the full-time operation as you see today. I continue to work alongside fellow teacherpreneurs and small businesses, sharing my passion (and knowledge) of being creative, and building something of my own. With each client I work with, I try to help them make an impact within their business by building them a unique brand and a functional (and beautiful) online space that shines. ✨

If you are looking for a partner during this next phase of building your business’ brand, or even giving said business a makeover to fit your new goals, I’m your girl. Here are a few things I promise when you work with me:

    Organized and professional
    Frustration free process from start to finish
    No limit on revisions or tweaks
    View you as a partner within the process
    Encourage your valuable feedback and thoughts on everything
    Listen and learn from you on what’s best for your business
    Always keep you in the loop and always (ALWAYS) email you back
    Turn your concerns and conflicts into actionable plans to tackle
    Always be a support for you before, during, and after the process
    Keep you informed and educated, so you make the best business decisions
    Provide and/or direct you towards more information that would be helpful to you
    Available to help you in the future, for whatever your needs are

If those promises resonate with you, then I think I’ll be a great fit on your project, and I would love to work with you!



Branding + Website Design Intensive Packages start at $3,500

The first step in working together is to set up a complimentary discovery call so I can learn more about your business, project, and get to know you! Please fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch within 48 hours.

Office Hours: Monday – Thursday from 11AM to 5PM (PST). Most responses will receive a reply within 24-48 hours.

The contact form above collects your name, email address, and written message, so that we can get in touch with you to discuss how we can best help with your project. Check out the Privacy Policy to learn more about how we protect and manage your data. By submitting this message, you consent to giving this information to Laugh Eat Learn.

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