WordPress BYOB Website Design

Do you already have branding you love, but just need help with building a website for your business? Then the Bring Your Own Branding (BYOB) is perfect for you! If your brand aesthetic has already been created by either yourself or a designer (myself included), I will exclusively work on building your website with those frameworks and designs in mind. We’ll completely skip the branding process, because there is no reason to go backwards, which will save you time. To best meet your business’ needs, we’ll jump directly into collaborating on getting your self-hosted WordPress.org setup, installed, and customized using the theme of your choice. I promise to honor your brand integrity, while building your website, so you can shine online.

  • WordPress BYOB Website Design

Investment for the superior WordPress BYOB Website Design consists of all the following specific components:

Up to  10 Hours for Project Work + Collaboration

Three Design Elements + Installables of your choosing

Font + Color Identify Provided for Future Reference

WordPress and Theme Choice Setup + Install

Essential Plugins Installed + Activated

Branding Designs Provided by Client Uploaded + Installed *

Customization of Theme to Match Branding Aesthetic

Selection of Curated Stock Photography to Enhance Website

Home, Blog, About, and Contact Pages Setup

Zipped Folder of ALL Files and Backup

1 Hour Post Installation Support

Exclusive WordPress Jump Start Guide$25 Value FREE

* The branding process is NOT included in the WordPress BYOB Website Design. You must have suitable files (i.e. fonts + colors in place, logo design(s), design elements) to meet the requirements of this specific service. If you are uncertain if this is right fit for you, contact me first.


WordPress BYOB Website Design


If you have not gone through the branding process, or are looking for a refresh on those elements, in addition to a website, the WordPress Branding + Website Design package may be a better fit for your business! We’ll work together from start to finish on the entirety of your project so you are cohesive and functional.
Find out more about the WordPress Branding + Website Design package here!



WordPress installation and setup, with necessary settings, plugins, and personalized “coming soon” display while we build

Genesis Framework and your theme are installed and setup properly; ready for customizations and your design + web elements

Custom coding added to achieve a website that is functional, mobile responsive, and unique to your brand and mission

Homepage, blog page, and other essential pages are added, installed to menu, and tailor-made to match overall feel of site

Design elements + installables are introduced to customized website, to bring life to your branded site and complete look

Website is setup, and vigorously tested, to be responsive, function correctly, and look great on any and all screens

Exclusive WordPress Jump Start Guide with tutorials, resources, and tips to learn and get to know your new site + platform

Consistent communication throughout your site’s install and setup; tweaks and revisions; and included post-launch support

HOW LONG WILL THE WEBSITE TAKE? Each client and project are unique, and treated as such, and therefore each project will be different in terms of completion. On average, the website process will take at least 4 weeks to complete from start to finish, with revisions and response time in mind.



On the Double

Need your project done ASAP? Rush options may be available to begin your project sooner and/or completed by a hard deadline. Availability depends on current workload and schedule.


Ready to move to WordPress? Let me help! Includes migration of ALL posts, pages, images, and comments, to your new website with re-directs built in so readers don’t get lost in the shuffle.


Want to sell products with WooCommerce? Includes setup of WooCommerce, customized to site, 10 product uploads, and access to exclusive WooCommerce 101 Tutorial.


Ready to sell with the power of Shopify? You got it! Includes setup of Shopify on WordPress, customized to site, 10 product uploads, and access to exclusive Shopify 101 Tutorial.

Resource Library

Have free resources to share? Includes password protected page with up to 10 downloadable resources, opt-in form sign up, and access to exclusive Resource Library 101 Tutorial.



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Hover over each question below about the WordPress BYOB Website Design package. Have more questions? Get in touch first!

To secure a date on my calendar and begin the process, the initial deposit is $200.

The deposit is non-refundable, as it removes the date in my calendar, therefore becoming unavailable to potential clients.

After our consultation, and we both feel we are a good fit to work together, I will send out the contract for the package of your choice alongside a deposit for $200. The remaining core balance of $500 will be sent in one payment. The payment will be due prior to the start date, which is normally the 1st of the that starting month.

All payments must be paid in full before any work on actual website is done.

Anything beyond the package cost, including themes, add-ons, or WordPress services, will be invoiced separately.

Besides my BYOB Website Design package, you must have the following:

  • Domain - Cost is usually around $12 a year
  • Hosting - Cost can depend on website size, speed, and traffic, and ranges from $4-$25+ a month
    • e.g. where your website is stored on the internet, I personally use TechSurgeons
  • Theme - Cost depends on theme and functionally, and ranges from $19-$75+
    • e.g. structure of your website for the designs and customization, I worked with Pipdig to create mine

The WordPress BYOB Website Design process takes a minimum of 4 weeks to complete.

Average timeframe focuses on Website building for about 4 weeks. Each client is different, therefore each project will be different in terms of the timeline to completion.

Although the project includes 10 hours of work, that does not mean it will be completed within one day, as I believe in and practice the collaborative process for all the websites I build.

From start to finish, your project is tracked using a timer program called Harvest. This will track all the work I do on said project, including website setup, customization, install, email communication, and all revisions throughout the process.

The time allowance of 10 hours included is based off tracking data I've collected over 5 years of working on my clients' respective website builds. On average, this is more than enough time to get everything accomplished for the WordPress BYOB Website Design process.

It’s my promise that I will work efficiently within your time allowance, keep track of everything I do, and give you access to a live view of our time and what it is going towards at all times.

Communication is key to staying on track within your project process. Once we begin our collaboration for your website, you will need to frequently check your email for all things website related, and reply within 24-48 hours. This is to ensure your website is completed in a timely and efficient manner. We will work as a team throughout this process, step by step, so a delay will halt the work until a response has been sent. This can eat up a lot of potential work days if responses are not sent within 48 hours.

Other factors to consider and be on top of are: turning in and responding to homework, having some knowledge of the WordPress platform (or make time to learn some aspects), making sure login information needed is correct so I can gain access, and/or sending in required files (like your branding elements) and documents needed ahead of schedule or quickly when asked for.

I cannot stress it enough that email communication + responses are KEY to a project staying on schedule.

As I've said before, communication is key for progress. If you choose me as your designer, I am your partner in this journey, however, you also have to be in 100% as well for this to work. If you know your going to be in a busy season during the time we are scheduled to work on your project, let's schedule a better date for you to be fully present.

Any communication/feedback delays that last more than 1 week (7 days) (without prior notice) will automatically add a “Lack of Communication" Fee of $30 to your invoice. If a client does not respond or communicate within 3 weeks (21 days) the project will be suspended and there will be a $100 Restart Fee to resume the work on a branding, website design, or any services you’ve hired me to do.

All accumulated "Lack of Communication" fees AND restart fee MUST be paid in full before I begin work on your project again, no exception.

I do understand that emergencies do happen, so if this is the case, please send me a simple email letting me know your situation.

Ultimately, each client I work with will vary depending on the needs for their personal project, and therefore additional time may be needed to complete. In this case, time overage will be invoiced at the rate of $60 per hour,  and must be paid in full before completion of work and site launch.

By agreeing to the terms of design contract, you agree that there may be a possibility of going over the time allowance. I will do my best to make sure you are notified prior to going over time, however, you yourself will always have access to the live timesheet view to check as well, and it is not my responsibility to send reminders of where we are with usage.

WordPress.com is as similar to Blogger, but it's using the WordPress structure. It’s free and you can simply sign up and begin to setup a blog/site similar to Blogspot’s platform. As with Blogger, WordPress.com has many limitations to what it may look like, the widgets/plugins you can use, and the sense of overall ownership.

WordPress.org is similar to owning an actual website. You purchase hosting (online storage) for your site, hook your domain (.com) to it, and install the free WordPress framework onto your hosting. From there, you pretty much have free control of everything your site does, how it looks, how it feels, and how it acts. There are 1,000s of plugins to choose from (free and paid) that will help enhance your site, alongside a ton of themes to browse and setup. These themes can be customizable to ensure that your website looks and interacts for your potential readers/customers, exactly to your vision. You can hire someone (like me!) to help you setup your self-hosted WordPress, customize the theme, and get your site up and running with branding in mind.

Are you still confused? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Just remember, with WordPress.org (the self-hosted version) your options for your site are endless! You can read more about the differences here.

The branding process is NOT included in the WordPress BYOB Website Design. You must have suitable files (i.e. fonts + colors in place, logo design(s), design elements) to meet the requirements of this specific service.

The WordPress BYOB Website Design package also does not include any of the following: Branding Elements + Process, Custom Clip Art Creation, Paid Fonts, Theme, Paid Plugins, Content Creation or Uploading, Website Maintenance, Security, or Migration. If needed, these costs will be added separately to your invoice and/or can be purchased separately.

If you already have branding and just need help with your website, this is the right package for you!

If you do not have branding, then you'll want to choose the WordPress Branding + Website Design package.

Yes! I work with new and existing websites. If you'd like to keep your branding and just want to update your website, this package is perfect for you.

If you are looking for a full re-brand and update to your existing website, the WordPress Branding + Website Design package is going to be a better fit.

Yes! If a website is all you are after, and you already have branding in place (from another designer, myself, or even you created it yourself), this is the RIGHT package for you!

Yes! You can add services whenever you need them by contacting me directly about your needs.



Over 5 years ago, as a classroom teacher, I turned my side hustle, Laugh Eat Learn, into the full-time operation as you see today. I continue to work alongside fellow teacherpreneurs and small businesses, sharing my passion (and knowledge) of being creative, and building something of my own. With each client I work with, I try to help them make an impact within their business by building them a unique brand and a functional (and beautiful) online space that shines. ✨

If you are looking for a partner during this next phase of building your business’ brand, or even giving said business a makeover to fit your new goals, I’m your girl. Here are a few things I promise when you work with me:

    Organized and professional
    Frustration free process from start to finish
    No limit on revisions or tweaks
    View you as a partner within the process
    Encourage your valuable feedback and thoughts on everything
    Listen and learn from you on what’s best for your business
    Always keep you in the loop and always (ALWAYS) email you back
    Turn your concerns and conflicts into actionable plans to tackle
    Always be a support for you before, during, and after the process
    Keep you informed and educated, so you make the best business decisions
    Provide and/or direct you towards more information that would be helpful to you
    Available to help you in the future, for whatever your needs are

If those promises resonate with you, then I think I’ll be a great fit on your project, and I would love to work with you!




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