Blogger Designs

Whether it’s a modern blogger style or even a traditional look you are after, I will work with you to get the ball rolling on your new or updated blog housed on blogspot.com.  I believe in a completely collaborative design process. This means working with you each step of the way so it’s not only completely custom and unique (no cookie cutting here!) but also a final design that you LOVE with emoji heart-filled eyes!

Each package features a base price, hourly completion time, and extras included. Based on my own time tracking while designing for previous clients, I have created these packages with you and I in mind. You can see an average hourly breakdown of all the Blogger packages right here. Ultimately, each client I work with will vary depending on the needs for their branding and site. It’s my promise that I will work efficiently within your time allowance, keep track of everything I do, and give you access to a live view of our time and what it is going towards. You will be well aware if we are getting close to adding additional time to our project before it happens.

Please review my hourly breakdown, terms of design, privacy policy, and waitlist before placing your order.

Need something done faster? Consider the “On The Double” Package!

Need something done faster? Pay by the hour (includes email exchanges & unlimited revisions on designs) for $60 per hour. Same quality of work and collaboration with little to no wait time to begin as there are daily slots available! Find out more here!


* Applies only to Traditional Blogger style
** Applies only to Modern Blogger style
*** The following are NOT included in the package pricing and will be added to your final invoice: Blogger Modern Themes, Clip Art and/or Graphics

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