About Alexis

Hey there, I’m Alexis Porter (formally Sanchez!), a 30 something, extremely silly, Cuban and Puerto Rican, who has a love of all things creative. I’m now married to my love of close to 10 years, a new puppy mama, and have finally completed my grad school program with a masters in Educational Leadership with an English Language Learners focus. I originally began my blog to share my appreciation for teaching, cooking, photography and the ancient art of organizing. However, my love for these things started long ago. My teaching journey started when I was a little girl and would create homework packets for my neighbor friends. I even went as far as calling, once my parents gave me permission to use the landline, their parents to remind them to get it done. My love of food grew from my Little Grandma’s Cuban meals. As an adult, I continue to learn her recipes, re-mix others and throw together my own to one day share with my little ones.

I'm a 30 something bubbly and creative teacher and web designer living in Seattle, Washington.

Photography has always been a passion of mine and continues to grow each day. I used to spend hours in my darkroom in the garage of my parents house, developing film and creating scrapbooks. Fast forward, I now spend hours with my Nikon and my iPhone. :] Now as for my mastery, and obsession, with organization, I have tons to say about that. My mother would tell you I’m a neat freak to the max {my students can attest to that too}. I spent almost every weekend of my teenage years re-arranging my bedroom just because I could. Also, because I’m a nerd, but we don’t need to talk about that! I don’t rearrange my home as much anymore, since my husband lives there too, but I still enjoy labeling, sorting, putting items in their appropriate bins, and color coding just about everything. Okay, that’s still organizing, but I already said “organizing” too many times already. Dang, two more times… Moving on now.

I'm a 30 something bubbly and creative teacher and web designer living in Seattle, Washington.

So that was the foundation of Laugh Eat Learn. As of January 2015, I started a new chapter to this site by beginning to design for fellow bloggers on both Blogger and WordPress. :] After some love on Instagram, I decided to jump in and begin blog designing for others, part time alongside my other duties as a teacher and blogger. I’ve always had a love for creating, coding, and designing. I recall when I was in middle school and I bought my first computer, with my babysitting money, and with that computer I started a Live Journal {The original blogger}. It was a happening place back in the day {I have an old soul}! I started posting random things that a middle schooler would post, and began to mess around with the customization tools. I started researching and researching, and pretty much learned HTML on my own while playing around with my LJ. Eventually I moved onto buying domains {they were really cheap back then} and designing silly websites all about the day in the life of a nerdy high schooler named Alexis. I’ve always been inspired by my designing peers around me and I’m always tried to learn from them. Throughout the years, I’ve continued to create and code and when I jumped into Laugh Eat Learn, I began designing for myself. Through all of this, I’ve been blessed to start my own small business, design for others, and continue to learn through this journey. Ultimately I am inspired to always be unique, much like myself, in my designs and all facets of my life.

I'm a 30 something bubbly and creative teacher and web designer living in Seattle, Washington.

10 Random Facts About Me

1. I’m a HUGE Big Brother fan but will never apply for the show, I just love watching the drama!
2. Fall is my favorite time of the year but I cannot stand winter.
3. I don’t speak a lick of Spanish even though my last name and ethnicity say otherwise.
4. I am a dog person. Cats scare me.
5. I collect old cameras and bird figures.
6. I’m in love with all the ABC Family shows!
7. I’m a natural red head.
8. I LOVE school supplies, who doesn’t?!
9. Camping is my go to summer activity and wish I could go more!
10. I’ve taught Kindergarten, ELL, Middle School, Third, and Fourth Grade. Every year a new adventure!

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