Meet Alexis

hey there, i’m alexis!

I’m a low carb living, Cuban and Puerto Rican, living in Seattle, Washington with my husband, Jonathan and pup, Cuba. I absolutely love being creative in all aspects of life. You’ll always find me learning, creating, crafting, and DIYing just about everything. I’m also a self proclaimed pure perfectionist, which is probably why I choose to do it on my own 150% of the time.

I’m blessed to take that energy and serve fellow entrepreneurs, teacher authors, creatives, and small business owners to help build their branding and websites through my signature collaborative process. I believe in thriving through functionality and standing out in online spaces. I take this passion into each and every project I work on with my clients and their businesses.

When I’m not working on client design projects, I enjoy cooking and baking low carb + keto friendly meals and sharing them here on Laugh Eat Learn as well. It’s a passion of mine to craft meals and recipes that can pass the test of any eater.

Random Facts About Me

While building LEL to what it is today, I taught full time in Kindergarten, Third, Fourth, ELL, and Middle School.

I’m a HUGE Big Brother fan but will never apply for the show, I just love watching the drama!

Fall is my favorite time of the year, especially here in the PNW.

I don’t speak a lick of Spanish even though my last name (formally Sanchez) and ethnicity say otherwise.

I love Camping and it is my go to summer activity every year.

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